✔  Garage Cleaning

✔  Post Flood Clean Up

✔  Fire Damage Clean Up

✔  Waxing/Polishing

✔  Silver Polishing


Please note, Emilia's Cleaning does not do the following:



Spring cleaning is applied for all closet and cabinets cleaning and organization, storage areas cleaning and organization. Spring cleaning DOES NOT include surface cleaning of the entire home.

Spring cleaning and deep cleaning can be combined together. 

Spring cleanings, deep cleanings, move-in/move-outs and post construction are the only cleanings that are charged hourly.

Emilia's Cleaning offers several types of residential cleanings.


​0-3 hours     $120.00/pp | $40/pp/hr for additional hours

Post construction cleaning concentrates on the same areas as the Move-In/Move-Out cleaning. We also provide cleaning supplies and equipment.


​0-3 HOURS     $120.00/pp | $40/pp/hr for additional hours

For the deep cleaning of your home, we will bring our own cleaning supplies and most equipment. We might ask you if you have a step ladder or a vacuum cleaner at home.

Deep Cleaning includes the following:

✔  Cleaning out of the refrigerator and over.

  Kitchen and bathroom cabinets washed down on the outside.
  All baseboards, molding and wood work hand washed.
  Carpets vacuumed, floors ell vacuumed then washed.
  Some furniture will be moved in order to ge the less visible 

      areas, however, most furniture will stay in its position.
  Oriental rugs may be rolled up for the purpose of floor

  Extensive furniture dusting of the outside of furniture.
  Under bed and furniture cleaning.
  All couches vacuumed inside and out.
  Windows washed inside and outside (if possible).
  Blinds hand washed.

Deep Cleaning does not include: Closet cleaning and organizing; cabinet cleaning and organizing; dry cleaning of upholstery and window treatments; bird cage cleaning; cat litter changing; vent cleaning; and wall washing. Only high gloss, semi loss and egg shell wall paints can be "wiped down". Flat wall paints will not get cleaned.



✔  Removal of pet waste and/or vomit

✔  Landscape

✔  Cooking

✔  No Ironing

✔  Turning on/off of dishwasher



For move-in/move-out cleaning, we bring our own supplies and equipment. Move-In/Move-Out consists of the following:

  Cabinets cleaned inside and outside.
  Refrigerator and oven cleaned inside and outside.
  Shower/bathtubs/sinks and all tile scrubbed down, windows

      cleaned inside and out (for double pane windows only) including

      window sills.
  All baseboards and wall boards washed.
  All doors and framing washed..
  All closet shelves and floor washed.
  Carpeting vacuumed.
  Carpets can also be washed at an additional cost, per request.
  All stainless steel appliances polished.
  All chrome polished.
  Floors vacuumed then washed.
  Cobwebs removed and blinds washed.


Regular cleaning is usually done after the deep cleaning to maintain the condition of your home. It can be ongoing on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and it is charged a flat rate, not hourly. To get started on the regular schedule, we pick a day and approximate timing for the cleaning lady to come by reoccurring. We assign ONLY one person to care for your home and the SAME person will continue your reoccurring visits unless otherwise consulted with you.

Residential Cleaning includes the following:

✔  Surface cleaning is performed including dusting of the

      furniture and items on the furniture.
  Baseboards and window sills dusted.
  Floors vacuumed and washed.
  Bathtubs, showers, tiles cleaned, toilets inside and out.
  Bathroom floor are always hand cleaned.
  All cabinets wiped down externally.
  Top of the stove cleaned.
  Inside and outside of the microwave cleaned.
  Any dishes in the sink are hand washed and set aside (not

      put away).
  All counter-tops cleaned.
  We vacuum all carpeting and all couches.
  All light fixtures cleaned, fans cleaned, cobwebs removed.
  Switch faceplates are kept clean and doors around the door

      knobs as well.

We can obtain a key from you which at the time of termination of the service will be returned to you via mail for which you will need to sign. In case of a lost or stolen key, we will replace your locks.

There are no contracts to sign, just a "Non-Competing Agreement" to ensure that there will be no phone number exchanged between you (the customer) and the person assigned to your home (the cleaning lady). All communication must go through Emilia's Cleaning.

It is easy to obtain pricing - just fill out the In Home Estimate Form and submit it. We will contact you within a few hours to confirm the day and time of the meeting.